Back to Bed Awakens on Nintendo Switch in April

Since it launched in 2017, Nintendo’s Switch has become something of a haven for independent games. It’s a bit more curated than Steam, and its hybrid nature makes it that easier to give smaller games a chance. It’s not just new indie games benefiting from this too, older games have just as much opportunity for a new lease on life when ported to Nintendo’s exceptionally popular console. This is probably why Switch owners will soon have the chance to download Back to Bed; a surreal puzzle game from 2014.

Back to Bed follows the dreaming adventures of Bob and Subob through levels inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. Bob is oblivious to everything going on of course, so its up to Subob to guide his snoozing charge back to bed without incident. At the time of its original release, Back to Bed was a more or less average puzzle game that didn’t make full use of its aesthetic. However, it’s still a surreal experience worth looking into for those who enjoy the aforementioned artists and would like to play around in one of their paintings.

Back to Bed is available on PC via Steam and will be releasing for Nintendo Switch on April 11.