Launch Trailer Unleashed for Xenon Racer

We’ve written about Xenon Racer for months, and now the time is almost here to enjoy the latest in arcade racing. This is a fantastic time for arcade racing fans, with games like Horizon Chase Turbo out there. Now, an all-new IP is launching that blends a near-future look with fast action in Xenon Racer. Unlike most arcade racers out there, and many simulation-based ones, Xenon Racer features a healthy amount of customization. You can change up the appearance and also swap out parts.

Drifting is also a big part of things, much like Ridge Racer or Outrun. Proper drifting and boosting is a big part of success in the game, and it’s an Unreal Engine 4 release with a slick look to it. Every version features a performance mode and quality mode, with high-end devices getting 4K playback, while aiming to provide a 60 FPS environment whenever possible in performance mode. Xenon Racer launches tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One – with physical versions available on consoles.