Control Now Confirmed For August 27, Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Less than a week ago, a leak from Xbox live suggested an August 27 release date for Control, Remedy’s upcoming surreal action game. And now as of today, we can make that release date official. The confirmation came courtesy of a new gameplay trailer, which you can naturally check out below. Aside from letting us know when to expect the game, it also displays some supernatural abilities you’ll be wielding.

In between shots of otherworldly and/or terrifying sights both new and old (seriously, what is with that one isolated chair?), we see our main character Jesse Faden using all of their skills to try and get everything under control. Flight/hovering abilities? Check. Telekinesis? Check. Possession? Check. Shapeshifting gun with various upgrades? Check and double-check. The Oldest House will be filled with quite a few challenges, but as the latest Director of the secret agency residing within it, Jesse should be able to take whatever is dished out. Control arrives on August 27 for XB1, PC, and PS4, and should definitely be worth checking out.