Yacht Club Games Announces Cyber Shadow

Yacht Club Games rose to near-legendary status after the release of Shovel Knight. That indie darling didn’t just show that pixel art was for more than just nostalgia, but could be used to create fast-paced modern games that told a compelling story in the background – much like how Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden did on the NES. Now, they’re taking ninja-action gaming to a new level with Cyber Shadow. In this world, the planet has been taken over by synthetic lifeforms and it’s up to you to save it from its demise. Aarne Hunziker was creating a ninja action game and Yacht Club reached out to him to help him out. They allowed him to craft the game in his vision and are simply handling the marketing, porting, and publishing parts while offering up feedback to improve the overall experience. The game aims to offer an authentic NES Hard difficulty if you like, or offer some modern conveniences like Shovel Knight did.

Cinematics will be used to tell the tale alongside in-engine cutscenes, while the visual flair makes this feel like a 16-bit game going for an 8-bit look with a level of colors not normally seen on the NES. Games like Batman: Return of the Joker featured similar levels of color depths, but nothing quite had that and the screen-filling bosses shown off here without some technical trickery – like only having the boss visible and using them as the background layer. A release date and platforms haven’t been announced, but given Shovel Knight, it’s safe to assume this will be on anything barring a toaster – and given that we have smart refrigerators now, maybe it will actually be playable on a toaster in two years time. The game will also be playable at PAX East this week, so showgoers can enjoy the game for the first time.