Serious Sam: Tormental Invades the Brain of Early Access

At this point there are only a few genres Serious Sam hasn’t tried yet.  Tower defense is right out, because Serious Sam is all about offense, and it’s probably only a matter of time before someone figures out how to do a trading card/adventure, but for now Sam’s latest genre-diversion is a roguelike twin-stick shooter.  Serious Sam: Tormental sees Sam dragged into the mind of his nemesis Mental (who’s bound to show up in one of the main games someday, right!?) which for some reason is a series of monster-packed rooms featuring the occasional upgrade.  Kill everything, get stronger, keep killing, dodge bullet hell, die, repeat.  Each new run offers the chance to unlock another secret in The Vault, putting Sam one step closer to giving Mental a much-deserved brain-enema.

Serious Sam: Tormental entered Early Access today with the current plan being to stay there a few months before releasing this summer, assuming all goes to plan.  There’s also a super-early prototype available on if you want a risk-free taste of what the Early Access release has to offer, but keep in mind it’s been a busy year of development since this version was released. For a more current look there’s a launch trailer below packed with guns, monsters, clouds of bullets, and all the high-octane carnage one could hope for from one of gaming’s most persistent pure-action heroes.