Borderlands 3 Confirms Release Date and Characters In New Trailer

At PAX East 2019, we received our first trailer for Borderlands 3. And while it was chock full of action, several players still had a few questions concerning the game. For one, they wanted to know when the release date was. And second, while the trailer implied who our main characters were, they wanted confirmation, given that a few designs have already become fan favorites. Well, a new trailer for Borderlands 3 released today has thankfully provided answers, as seen below.

Our main quartet of Vault Hunters this time around includes the combat-ready Moze, complete with mech friend, FL4K, a robotic tracker with lovable beast companions, the mysterious Amara, capable of summoning six psychic fists for pummeling, and the older Zane, a (semi-)retired hitman. And our main villain this time around is the Calypso Twins, although whether they’re fraternal or it’s just a name is unknown. The rest of the trailer again emphasizes the action, the insanity, and of course, the guns. If you still have questions, don’t worry, as a more in-depth gameplay reveal arrives on May 1. Borderlands 3 is set for a September 13 release on PC, PS4, and XB1. The PC version, however, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for six months. Naturally, several gamers have already responded to this decision with grace, understanding, and dignity.