Take To the Helpful Skies in Cats Fly Helicopters Reveal Trailer

It’s not that cats are more aloof than dogs but rather they just don’t have the facial muscles to be as expressive.  I mean sure, if you take off for a few days a dog will go nuts thinking it’s been abandoned forever while a cat will chill tending to its Important Cat Business of sitting in a sunbeam, but both will be happy to see you return.  Friendly and Independent are very different traits, and cats can be both at the same time.  Which is why the pilots of Cats Fly Helicopters are helpful to the city’s feline citizens instead of sitting on top of a building watching the chaos unfold below.

Cats Fly Helicopters is the newest game from Flippfly, previously known for its arcade distance-flyer Race the Sun and the chilled puzzle game Evergarden.  After running a contest in 2017 where publicly-available prototypes competed with each other in matched brackets the winner went on to be the next game in the pipeline.  At the time the game was called Helitaxi, and you drove a helicopter around a city bringing people from one spot to another.  While the initial intent, per the Patreon announcement post, was to turn this into a full game over the course of months, at some point feature-creep settled in and instead Helitaxi is now a game about helpful helicopter-flying cats running errands through a large city, ranging from pizza delivery to heli-bowling, where you fly down a city street with a bowling ball in a basket on the side and tip it out so it rolls straight into the pins.  Basically think a cartoon Sim Copter with cats, and an aerospace engineer (Jon Coughlin) working on balancing accuracy with accessibility for the helicopter physics.

The current plan with Cats Fly Helicopters is to release it in Early Access this summer, although those supporting Flippfly on Patreon at the $5 level have the beta already.  No word yet on how long it’s planned to be on Early Access, but it’s a small team so patience seems like a requirement for anyone wanting to hold out for the full game.  Making a giant city with helpful cats flying a physics-based helicopter (that can somehow provide enough lift to hoist a firetruck) while getting in a bit of disc-golf along the way seems like the kind of game that can take a while, even for a decent-sized company. For those of us ready to get their feline-based Sim Copter on immediately, though, it won’t be too much longer before the cats rule the skies.