‘Explorative, Erotic’ Interactive Story Knife Sisters is Coming to PC

Transcenders Media today announced that Knife Sisters will be making its way to PC and macOS this month.

The developer plans to release the title on Steam and itch.io on April 24.

Described as a “dark, explorative and erotic interactive story,” Knife Sisters has players following the story of nineteen-year-old Leo, who is described as a non-binary transperson.

As Leo, players awaken from a rough night’s sleep only to discover that they have no memory of what happened the previous night.

Players will cross paths with an artist known as Dagger, learning quickly that she is part of a secret society known as the Knife Sisters.

It’s from here that the player will become involved in the “world of rituals” and will receive “strange assignments” from the artist.

Players will need to make sure that they keep Leo’s anxiety in order over the course of the title. With different choices to make in the story, players will be able to unlock different endings in Knife Sisters.

Transcenders Media, which is based in Malmö, Sweden, and is headed by Bobbi A. Sand, has said that its title “proudly represents people of different genders and sexualities.”