OVERWHELM Hits Switch eShop Alongside Trailer

The Switch is no stranger to side-scrolling action-platformers, but OVERWHELM is a bit different. It’s got a blaster, jumping, and enemies – but a far more deliberate pace than most. It also has a co-op mechanic to make getting through the game easier and allows you to revive allies if they’re fallen. Overwhelm blends in a bit of the rogue-lite sub-genre as well and a definite influence from Downwell in terms of its minimalist art style and overall pacing.

There’s a lot of mystery involved as the in-game map is limited and enemies can appear from anywhere. Beating them leads to bosses and toppling them gets you some abilities – akin go Mega Man. Mixing offense and defense is key as one hit is a death and three deaths puts an end to your run. It’s a scary game due to the tension level and well-worth checking out for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted action-platformer with a healthy challenge.