Prepare to Return to the Cold War With Turn-Based Strategy Game Precipice

Little Red Dog Games has announced that Precipice, the war and diplomacy title centering on the Cold War, will be making its way to PC and Linux next month.

The publisher and developer has revealed that its title will retail at $11.99 on Steam.

Transporting players back to the twentieth century, they will take control of one of the two Cold War global superpowers — the United States or the Soviet Union — and compete against the other in turn-based moves.

Precipice supports both single-player and multiplayer components. Should players choose to play through on their own, then they will come up against an ‘advanced’ AI that will make “assumptions and judgments about their rival’s personality and character, their intended strategy and develops a plan of its own to counter.”

When it comes to the online mode, players will be able to have a head-to-head political chess-style showdown with their opponents.

According to LRD Games, the point-and-click strategy title will support Steam lobby integration and unlockables via player ranking.

Instead of famous Cold War world leaders like the U.S.’ John F. Kennedy, the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev and Cuba’s Fidel Castro, the developer has taken its own twist on political history by replacing them with animals that are native to their respective regions.

In fact, the Precipice studio has confirmed that world leaders from 72 countries will be represented by animals.

The developer says that Precipice takes inspiration from Chris Crawford’s Balance of Power, which was released in 1985, and GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle.

“Precipice isn’t a wargame: it’s a game of subterfuge,” says Ryan Hewer, the lead developer at LRD Games.

“You will send agents around the world, protecting your closest allies and changing unfavorable regimes without giving away your long-term ambitions.

“For that reason, this game is a strategic gem where your success will depend squarely on your ability to misdirect your rival and show bravery when it is needed.”