Samurai Shodown Shows Off Cast in New Trailer

Last year, SNK finally revealed the latest entry in the much-beloved Samurai Shodown series of fighting games. Much like with the modern Street Fighter titles, this self-titled Samurai Shodown game would be making the leap into polygonal graphics while retaining classic combat more in the vein of 2D. But it’s a stellar cast that can make or break a fighting game at time, so we were wondering just which characters would be included from the franchises that has now spanned over twenty-five years. And now, thanks to a new trailer seen below, we have a more concrete answer with a quick showcase of the game’s cast.

While there are definitely a few notable absences for now (such as Cham Cham and Basara), the cast still contains such fan favorites as Genjuro, Shiki, and Nakoruru. We also get our first glimpses at some of the new characters for this entry: Darli Dagger, Wu-Ruixiang, and Yashamaru Kurama. And in between these little snippets introducing each character, we get some shot of the combat in action as well. We’ll see just how well this cast handles when Samurai Shodown comes out for PS4 and XB1 on June 27, with Switch and PC releases to follow later in the Winter.