Star Wars Pinball Coming to Switch in September

Star Wars Pinball has been around for about a half-decade and released on many platforms. The Nintendo Switch will not only get a portable incarnation that will have the highest-resolution screen yet, but also include all 19 tables set across the entire Star Wars universe. The themes span the franchise from its earliest days to now and this incarnation will be the first also release in a physical form as well as digital. Star Wars Pinball on Switch will receive an exclusive campaign mode made with smaller-sized game sessions in mind for on the go gaming, and will be released on September 13.

There’s no word on a final price point, but if you haven’t played these games yet and love a great game of virtual pinball, it looks like a solid pickup. You can’t go wrong with pinball on the go and with this being on Switch, you should be able to play in portrait mode quite easily. HD rumble will also make successes and failures that much more impactful.