Close to the Sun Delivers Tesla-Inspired Horror on May 5

As seen in our recent preview, developers Storm in a Teacup have a potential hit on their hansd with their upcoming horror adventure game, Close to the Sun. Taking place in an alternate universe where Nikola Tesla has crafted the massive ship known as the Helios, designed for many to further scientific research, the title challenges players to uncover what happened while searching for their sister. It’s definitely some interesting stuff, but we had no idea when the game would be coming out. Well, until now, of course. In just under a month, the horrors on the Helios will be available for all to experience.

With the news of a release date comes a new trailer, which you can check out below. It acts as a bit of a story trailer, setting the mood. We start out with a note from our sister, a look at the Helios’ size, and a statue of Tesla. And then we hear about the quarantine. And then come the dead bodies. So many bodies. Not to mention the writing in blood, mad science, ghostly figures. It’s not exactly going to be a pleasant cruise, to say the least. Close to the Sun comes out on May 5 for the PC, as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and will arrive on the XB1 and PS4 later this year.