Screenshot Saturday Featuring Pandemic Express, Calico, Many More

Hello folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, individuals, developers, publishers, and more flock to the likes of Twitter with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to showcase their latest work. The end result is a unique variety of games to check out. But while you should definitely browse the full offerings via the tag for yourself, we always like to assist by highlighting some of the most notable glimpses of games to emerge from this weekly shindig. So without further ago, let’s get right into things…

Neon Abyss- So far, aside from Ninja Theory sharing shots from Hellblade, I haven’t actually seen a lot of Screenshot Saturday tweets from accounts for game and studios showcasing fan creations. So kudos to the folks behind this roguelike action game for getting their Discord community involved, especially with this solid burst of a boss battle! Nice stuff!

Pandemic Express- We haven’t really had a notable co-op zombie shooter in a while, have we? Well, why not juice one up by having twenty-nine players attempt to make it to an escape train while one player infects the others, increasing the mob with each successful target? Sounds damn interesting to me, to say the least.

Calico- Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (where its initial goal has already been crushed), we have a colorful cat cafe simulator where you play as the magical girls that run it (if the above didn’t make it clear). I’m not certain if giant Katamari cat transformations are a regular staple of magical girl powers these days, but it looks damn cute and fun, so I’ll allow it.

Sea Salt- Since I’m not much of an expert on the technical side of things, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you how beneficial the Gamemaker Studio upgrade here is in making a better game about controlling mobs through Eldritch powers. But it still looks like a spiffy, unique, and fast-paced bit of action, so that’s all I need to know!

DOOMBLADE- As someone who played and loved Devil May Cry 5 earlier this year, I can easily respect any game where you can pull off some incredibly insane and awesome swordplay in a stylish way before smashing up a piece of scenery as much as possible for currency. And by “respect” I mean “drool over.”

Etherborn- Well, if experience has taught me anything, moving towards the incredibly large and ominous structure is the correct way to progress in a lot of video games. Of course, this is also a platformer that’s constantly bending gravity, so that way could actually lead downward. But it’s a chance we’ll have to take…

Ground Control to Berry- You know what? We really don’t have a lot of unique games aimed directly at kids anymore, especially in the adventure department. So kudos on this colorful bit of point-and-click fun, which looks quite promising. Can’t wait to hear more about Berry’s adventure!

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas- Okay, we’re obviously not suffering from a shortage of retro throwbacks, be they platformers or any other genre. But have you noticed we really haven’t had any that try to emulate early Kirby games, at least in terms of style? Well, I say we remedy that, and these guys apparently agree with me.

Riverbond- Hmmm…that is one impressive sword for melee attacks, especially given its range. But I do prefer a good rapid-fire weapon, and the gun clearly has enemies falling apart into a mess of voxels in some impressive visuals, so I’m going to have to go with my gut here and choose range.

Super Crush KO- Well, a colorful run-and-gun game with a lot of action where you can blow away robots with insane tricks such as gunfire that can actually propel you through the air was probably enough of a reason to get interested in this game. But you say it has kick-ass sneakers as well? Sold!

Descend- In hindsight, I probably should have highlighted this puzzle/RPG hybrid with a focus on narrative next week, when its Kickstarter campaign officially begins, but dammit, that golem was just too adorable. So I’ll just say to keep an eye out for this game next weekend, where you too can properly throw your money towards this little guy (and a highly intriguing game as well, I suppose).

Ninja Chowdown- Did I choose this runner to close out things simply because I’m a sucker for the comedy that comes from seeing an overweight ninja train before setting out to assist his clan’s chain of doughnut shops? Yes, yes I did. I mean, it looks quite fun as well, but it’s all about the adorable comedy. Look at that cute fat bastard…