Zombotron to Bring Its Side-Scrolling Shooting Experience to PC, macOS

Ant.Karlov Games’ Zombotron will be coming to PC and macOS this month, Armor Games Studios has announced.

According to the publisher, the side-scrolling shooter is slated to launch on April 22 and will be priced at $14.99.

The developer places the player into the role of a mercenary called Blaze, who takes up a dangerous assignment all for an “easy payday.”

Players will be able to arm themselves with a whole host of weapons at Blaze’s disposal, as well as the ability to customize his armor over the course of the campaign.

The shooter franchise has three web-powered installments — Zombotron, Zombotron II and Zombotron II: Time Machine — that have been played over fourteen million times by players worldwide, according to Ant.Karlov and Armor Games.

“This was my first project of this size and depth, [with] such a huge amount of time and effort,” says Anton Karlov, the developer of Zombotron.

“I hope that players will like it so I can take what I’ve learned and continue to apply it to future projects.”

Justin Ramos, the vice president of operations and strategy at Armor Games, added: “Classic Zombotron titles were played by over fourteen million people worldwide. For many of us, they were the first platform shooter we’d ever played.

“Zombotron is a game that once you start playing, you just can’t put it down [and] you’ll be craving just one more headshot.

“We’re proud to support Anton’s vision for the franchise.”