Screenshot Saturday Featuring Little Hellions, Firegirl, Many More

Hello folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where talented developers, publishers and the like show off glimpses of current and future projects using the #screenshotsaturday tag! And if you were looking for an epic 4/20 or Easter special…well, keep moving. Oddly, despite being in a bit of a holiday sandwich, this Saturday didn’t really produce any notable entries related to rabbits, weed, resurrection, or any combination of similar elements. So instead, you’ll just have to settle for a regular showcase of potentially amazing games. Darn the luck, right? Anyhow, on with the show…

Beacon- Monothetic released the first major content patch – titled “Undying Brood” – for their action-packed roguelike game, and with it comes a host of new levels to explore, new aliens to battle, and new and amazing visuals to accompany them. Plus you basically get to turn the main character into a lobster, which alone should be worth the price of admission.

Resolutiion- Speaking of amazing visuals and impressive sci-fi worlds, we have a little sneak peak into the look and background for a major location in Monolith of Minds’ top-down action game as well. It’s quite some impressive pixel work all around, right down to the graffiti one the side of a structure. Someone in this city must have been a visionary before things went south…

The Wild at Heart- So far this charming little ode to the likes of Pikmin has decorated its areas with lush greenery, but what about a change of pace? Well, that’s where a touch of ice and snow comes in to coat things over for a new area, and unsurprisingly, it looks just as gorgeous. Time to lead your little buddies through a Winter wonderland…

Little Hellions- We have quite the excess of multiplayer combat games in the indie circuit, with more than a few offering similar gimmicks (I can think of at least three based around invisibility alone). So it takes quite a bit to stand out, but a combat-free combat game involving teleportation just might do the trick for what is hopefully a fun game.

Firegirl- We seem to have passed on a lot of firefighting titles over the years, especially 16-bit titles like The Ignition Factor and The Firemen. So here’s hoping we don’t pass on this promising retro firefighting platformer as well, which certainly looks like a charming treat. Mind you, it’s also a game where the disasters are caused by sentient fire creatures, so it may not be accurate, but charming nonetheless.

Chrono Sword- If there’s one thing souls-like games are known for aside from intense difficulty, it’s challenging combat that features a lot of depth. So a showcase of your enemies and the proper ways to battle them is always a welcome sight, showing off the importance of strategy and analyzing your foe. Impressive fights indeed!

Warlander- Well, good to see Granfaloon found work after Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! And grew limbs as well! And now he’s up against someone with a sentient sword chopping up anything in their path in order to appease some ancient gods in what appears to be an impressive action RPG game. Yay for career resurrections!

Kine- Mind you, all of what you see here is just so you can unlock a side quest. Meaning that this may be an indicator of just how challenging this quirky puzzler about musical instruments trying to form a band can possibly get when it comes to the main content. And it looks like you’ll be nicely flexing your brain muscles quite a bit.

Manifold Garden- An incredibly good point is made here, as we’ve seen a lot of this impressive puzzler so far, but no emphasis has been placed on the “garden” part of its name. And given that an impressive world can be quite the benefit for games such as this, we’re glad to see that this issue is being remedied.

Orion: Shadow of Jeroba- To answer the question posed by this clip, I’d say whether or not it’s too hard depends on how far in the game we’d be when this encounter occurs. Or if we’re going to have any additional gear or power-ups as well. But even as is, it still looks like an impressive battle, so here’s hoping it’s fine-tuned as much as possible for the final game.

Overstep- I admit that I haven’t seen the full match yet, but even just six seconds of this futuristic sports game is enough to convince me that yes, this does indeed appear to be damn fun on several levels. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a sucker for rail grinding, but it still looks like some eye-catching stuff.

Prodeus- Well, it only took eighty-five thousand dollars, but this ’90s FPS throwback is now going to have the chunkiest, most visceral gore possible. Truly, we have our priorities straight. Joking aside, it does look quite awesome, though.