Starlink: Battle for Atlas: Crimson Moon Update Adds Racing, Star Wolf

Fans of Starlink: Battle for Atlas are in for a big treat come the end of April. In a few days, the game’s Crimson Moon update will drop, bringing all manner of new missions and characters with it. Players will have plenty of new opportunities to show-off their skills, and it’ll all start at the brand-new coliseum.

In addition to racing, the Crimson Moon update adds new missions themed around space pirates, new characters to recruit, more opportunities for exploration. Players on Nintendo Switch will also get to test their mettle against Star Wolf in a set of new missions for the Star Fox team. There’s already a long list of reasons to love Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and the Crimson Moon Update is certain to make it even longer.

The Starlink: Battle For Atlas: Crimson Moon update will launch on all platforms on April 30.