Super Mario Maker 2 Release Date Announced

Super Mario Maker was a huge hit on the Wii U, where it allowed people to not only create their own stages – but recreate things like Super Mario Land’s best stages using the tools and let players enjoy them in a whole new way. With the announcement of Super Mario Maker 2 and its introduction of slopes, hills, and new environmental trappings, fans have been waiting for the announcement of its release date. Today, Nintendo announced that this eagerly-awaiting game will hit physical and digital storefronts on June 28. The super bell from Mario 3D World makes its Maker debut, as do 10 coin blocks and parachutes for both items and enemies to be dropped from above.

Snake blocks are in for a huge increase in challenge if you want, while water is now able to be added as well. At least a dozen enemy types join the fray as well, ensuring that there will always be something to make players test themselves beyond just using Goombas and the like. The summer release date gives the game a pretty lean release period to release in – which is good because it means there will be less competition and thus a better chance of the game succeeding. With it being playable both at home and on the go, it will be possible to spend more time than ever crafting your dream stages.