Part 2 of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Now Available

Last month, Sega teamed up with Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions again to promote their upcoming Team Sonic Racing game with an animated short, Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. Following up on the success of Sonic Mania Adventures, it was certainly a charming and comical cartoon indeed. It was also part one of a two-partner, though, and now we have the second part to check out. You can view it below, and unsurprisingly, it appears to be another joyful success.

Whereas the first part had Team Rose as the rivals for Team Sonic, now Team Dark gets the spotlight. The race is on to see which team makes it to the end first, with Eggman providing full-on Dick Dastardly tactics in between everything. And as is par for the course now with these cartoons, expect a lot of humorous moments and expressions. Team Sonic Racing arrives on May 21 for all major platforms, but this should gladly tide us over until then.