Screenshot Saturday Featuring Sparklite, Super Crush KO, Many More

Hello, and welcome to our latest Screenshot Saturday feature here at Hardcore Gamer! Every weekend, several developers, publishers, and more take to Twitter and use the #screenshotsaturday tag to highlight some of the latest games that they’ve been working on. As usual, we’ve assembled a collection of these tweets in order to showcase some promising titles, and we hope you see something you like as well! So without further ado, let’s jump right into things…

Doko Roko- Eric Smack’s roguelike 2D tower climb emerges from the shadows after a while to showcase how thing are currently coming along, providing a quick look at some truly stunning visuals, worlds, and battles against giant bosses. After three and a half years, it now appears that a release is scheduled for this year, and this crop of screenshots only makes us further anticipate the eventual date it comes out on.

Witchmarsh- Speaking of Kickstarter-funded 2D pixel art games popping out of the woodwork to deliver a quartet or so of screenshots, here’s Inglenook’s supernatural jazz age RPG with some new pics for their official site, showing a variety of situations, including combat and dialogue. It still looks fantastic so far, and while it’s unknown if the game is set for a release this year as well, it should hopefully still be worth the wait whenever it’s ready.

Bloodroots- Our preview may have focused on the more comical and insane aspects of Paper Cult’s action game, but much like cartoons such as Samurai Jack that it draws inspiration from, it definitely has its more serious moments. And here we see a simple and effective way of setting the stage for such moments, nicely showcasing how even small elements like weather can affect things.

And All Would Cry Beware- It may be an odd name, but what we have here looks like quite the interesting piece of work, a blend of ’90s FPS and metroidvania games, where you explore a colorful alien world and learn what happened to a team of lost researchers. We’ve seen plenty of unique genre hybrids in the indie scene, but will this one work? We’ll see, but it looks promising so far.

Flotsam- Last week we noted that there didn’t seem to be many Screenshot Saturday tweets celebrating Easter or 4/20, but what about Earth Day? Well, the addictive aquatic town-building game’s clip here wasn’t made specifically for Earth Day, but it’s always nice to highlight the importance of recycling and cleaning up our oceans, so great stuff indeed!

Sparklite- We mentioned one of Sparklite’s initial bosses back in our preview for this fun Zelda-inspired game, but we weren’t able to show them at the time. Now, though, you’re free to check out Timber, the demo’s boss. Needless to say, between the size of the machine and the several sharp objects, it’s not exactly a shocker that we died.

Super Crush KO- Well, that kind of goes without saying. I mean, is there ever a time when punching robots ISN’T fun?…Well, maybe if it was a robot like Johnny Five that was too pure and adorable. But even with things here being nice and colorful with attractive designs, combat like this is indeed too fun to resist.

Tenderfoot Tactics- A tactical RPG with a heavy emphasis on elemental magic, the unique art style here certainly makes for one highly attractive game. I mean, they managed to make a place called “Stinkhorn” actually seen rather awe-inspiring. If you can pull that off, then I have a good feeling about the rest of the game as well.

ASCENXION- Since we’ve already bright up hybrids splicing together metroidvania games with another genre, let’s see what happens when you mix in shoot-’em-ups as well! Well, the lone shot here may not fully do things justice, but the trailer shown on the Steam page there displays just how intense things can get, and it is indeed a fun kind of intensity, from the looks of it.

The Godbeast- It kind of goes with saying that a variety of combat is the key to success in a third-person action game such as this. So it’s nice to see that in addition to the typical repertoire, we get a nifty little harpoon toss as well. And all executed quite stylishly, suggesting a possible sleeper hit on our hands here.

Westgunne- It’s a nice little touch in games like shoot-’em-ups when enemies don’t just simply come at you, but instead attack with a strategy that suggests good A.I. and personality within even minor foes. So while this phalanx formation may not have held up for long, its mere existence still played an important part in things.

Sky Racket- Let us not forget the less serious shoot-’em ups as well, though. An indie shmup in the vein of Air Zonk or Parodius would have been enough to get me interested in it, sure, but having a tanuki luchador as a boss is the type of gleeful insanity that truly sells me on the game. Works every time.