Earthworm Jim Coming in 2020 Exclusively to Intellivision Amico

Tommy Tallarico, the original composer for Earthworm Jim, announced today that Earthworm Jim isn’t just coming back to gaming – but he’ll be doing it on the upcoming Intellivision Amico. The original team of developers will be working alongside Tallarico to bring Earthworm Jim back. The biggest news beyond that is the game being released exclusively on the Intellivision Amico – which should at least give the system some built-in sales as long as they don’t announce it being a timed exclusive.

An interactive simulcast with the dev team will be happening on May 4 at noon pacific during a design meeting. Those who participate will be able to win things like artwork and posters alongside interacting with the team. Tommy Tallarico is the president of Intellivision now, and will surely be doing all he can to make sure this game exceeds all fan goals for it. One big risk in keeping it exclusive to the Intellivision is a limited reach, but if they only keep it exclusive for a year, then that will be enough time to let the game do whatever good it can do for the Amico and then still make money off the PC/console market as well. We’ll keep an eye out on both EWJ and the Amico as time goes on.