Descenders Rides Out of Early Access on May 7

No More Robots and developers RageSquid have had quite the successful Early Access game with Descenders. The roguelike downhill biking game has been a rather unique arcade racer, garnering positive responses from many so far. And ever since our initial preview, the game has been building up along its journey with several big updates. Nowow the finish line is finally in sight, though, as Descenders is now set to leave Early Access and get a full release on May 7.

When Descenders comes out next week, it’ll naturally have some notable new additions. The biggest of which is the addition of a multiplayer mode, complete with a hub where you can view and interact with other players. The game also receives double the content, including four new worlds to bike through. Not to mention new music, customization options, different modes, and much more. So expect the already insane biking action to be ramped up further. Descenders hits PC and XB1 on May 7, and will be free on Xbox Games Pass for the latter.