Fanatical Reflex Bundle Offers Up Hefty Discounts on Fast-Paced Games

Fanatical is no stronger to offering up massive discounts via some well-crafted bundles, and the reflex bundle features a ton of games that aren’t usually seen in bundles. For $3.49, you get the outstanding Super Cloudbuilt, Space Hulk Ascension, Tharsis, Master Spy, Galaxy Squad, Velocibox, The Mims Beginning, Grand Pigeon’s Duty, and Bird of Light. The best game here is definitely Super Cloudbuilt, which offers up a fast-paced 3D platformer with quick action and an emphasis on speedrunning after the fact. The other games featured are solid, but don’t stand out nearly as much as Cloudbuilt does, so if you’ve ever wanted that, this is a great way to get it and save a ton on other games too.