Descenders Tears Into Full Release With Multiplayer Update and Launch Trailer

In theory there are only so many mountains in the world, and accessibility means that only a small percentage are actually available to the average person.  Trim the selection down to the ones that have biking trails and the numbers get even smaller, and of that group the ones that have jumps, obstacles, and tricking opportunities like Descenders hits zero.  It’s not technically impossible to set up a Descenders-style run, sure, but surviving the experience is also a consideration so that’s probably a contributing factor. Descenders is a biking game about big air, killer tricks, high speed, and making it to the bottom of procedurally-generated mountain courses in as close to a single piece as possible.  It’s been in Early Access for a bit over a year now and, as of today, has released in full after much updating and polishing from its original version.  More tricks, a much bigger home base, new environments, more gear, and plenty of other goodies have shown up since release, and with today’s major update of full multiplayer functionality the game is now in a 1.0 state.  It’s a huge world filled with endless mountains to conquer, tearing down the slopes, skidding around curves, and getting as much air time as possible, so check out the launch trailer to see it in action before tackling the slopes yourself.