Limited Edition Pac-Man Figures Available for Pre-order

Pac-Man has been a popular video game character for decades ever since the arcade days. Now, the ultimate fans of this pellet-eating, ghost-chomping yellow sphere can let the world know how much they love those games. A brand new limited edition figure is available for pre-order.

There are actually two variants to choose from which have been created by Richard Orlinski. They come in either classic yellow or stylish black and measure 7 inches tall. Pac-Man’s body is made up entirely of polygonal shapes to give him such an artistic look. There is even a sleek box with a cool design along the surface.

Orlinski is a very talented artist with his work on display in galleries around the world. So, with these figures are going to be a must-have. However, they won’t be made available to own until June 2020.

Check out the video below and place your orders now!