New Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser Trailer Comes Out of Nowhere

Coming as a bit of a surprise, during Sony’s State of Play stream today, something that was meant to highlight smaller games such as MediEvil, AWAY: The Survival Series and Predator: Hunting Grounds, was overtaken by something massive, overshadowing all of the other announcements.

At the end of the video, just after Sony announced a new limited edition gunmetal PlayStation 4 model, they unleashed a brand new teaser trailer for the long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake that most people have pushed to the back of their head. Announced during PSX 2015, the game has been in development for quite some time, but finally we got a little bit of an update from it.

This trailer shows off a good deal of gameplay footage along with cutscenes from fairly early on in the story. No release date has been given, as I’m sure it’s still far away, although they did tease to stay tuned for more in June.