Slash Everything in Riverbond Gameplay Trailer

The fun thing about voxels is that everything breaks.  Enemies shatter, background objects crumble, supports fall apart while the structure above tumbles into ruin, and millions of little cubes scatter everywhere.  Riverbond is a single-player or co-op adventure similar to Gauntlet, in that the game is all about hitting enemies with everything you’ve got until there’s nothing left moving, and it all breaks apart nicely.  The eight hand-crafted worlds have loot tucked away to be discovered by an adventurous player, with new weapons showing up regularly so you can switch up your combat style.  It’s a very pretty thing, wonderfully colorful and blocky, and the video is running in another tab as I write this because its music is somehow chill and upbeat at the same time.  While the new trailer doesn’t have a release date beyond “Summer” it does reveal eight surprise guest stars from an incredible collection of games-

Planet of the Eyes- Robot 05 (A bit of a cheat seeing as that was developer Cococucumber’s previous game)
Knights and Bikes- Demelza
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime- Lover Mu
Guacamelee!-  Juan Aguacate
Bastion- The Kid
Psychonauts- Raz Aquato
Shovel Knight- Shovel Knight (He gets to be in everything)
Enter the Gungeon- Bullet Kin

They’re player skins rather than possessing the actual character’s abilities, so Raz will be swinging a sword rather than hopping into anyone’s head, but still a lot of fun to see.  Check out the trailer below to see everyone working together to commit as much voxel-based destruction as possible.