Snakeybus Drives Onto Steam and Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good seat on the bus thanks to being squeezed into place with dozens of people at once, a minimum of half of which could stand to be introduced to the modern-day miracle of indoor plumbing.  Snakeybus doesn’t have that problem, thanks to being about a bus that’s dozens of carriages long and only getting bigger as it goes.  Driving by a bus stop sucks in the passengers like people-shaped noodles with no need to stop because Snakeybuses don’t have fully functioning brakes, then bringing them to the marked destination to make your bus grow even longer.  Like the classic game of Snake the biggest threat on the board is your own body, but unlike Snake the only cause of death is stopping.  Crashing into yourself is fine, if it’s a glancing blow, but barrel into a house, tree, structural support, or even get wedged into a corner by your own bus-body and it’s Game Over.  It’s a pure arcade game at heart, no fares to worry about or routes to memorize, unless that route is to find the best ramp to hop over a river while avoiding the endless parade of your ridiculously long bus-body.

While Snakeybus released on Steam today, technically as a full non-Early Access game, it’s still in a very early state with plenty of work left to do.  If there’s a way to exit without alt-tab-ing away I haven’t been able to figure out what it is, there’s a complete revamping of the audio in the works, and while it’s playable with controller support there’s optimization to be done.  The bit I played of it, though, makes those considerations irrelevant, because there’s a certain level of videogame-crazy that renders technical issues irrelevant and Snakeybus blows past that point without slowing down.  Check out the launch trailer below for a taste of the bus-based lunacy in action.  Also, be warned that The Who’s Magic Bus scans perfectly as Snakeybus, and it’s hard not to sing once it’s sitting in your head.