Stormy Weather in New Relic Hunters Zero Update

Relic Hunters Zero has been moving along as a great little roguelike shooter for several years now, open source and free to all.  While the sequel Relic Hunters Legend may be getting the bulk of developer Rogue Snail’s attention nowadays, that doesn’t mean the original is done yet.  The plan was to update Zero for as close to Forever as possible and so far, so good.  Today saw the release of the biggest update in the game’s history, with new balancing, polish, bosses and relics all being added to the overall mix, but the main focus is on an all-new game mode in the form of The Storm.  The Storm is directly inspired by Risk of Rain, being an endless run starting on easy and getting harder the longer you survive, and it’s up to you to either hang out as long as possible in a level to collect as many goodies as possible or summon the boss and get out fast.  By the end of a good run the screen is completely clogged with firepower, both from you and the enemies, and while death is inevitable it’s still great fun to see just how powerful you can get over the course of a single game.

The latest update brings with it one more change to Relic Hunters Zero.  The game is 100% free, without a single microtransaction to its name, but for the first time ever there’s a $4.99 Donation button on the Steam page.  What this gets you in-game is a big fat dose of nothing, but outside in the real world it comes with the rewarding knowledge that you’ve done a good thing for no reason other than it being the right thing to do.