Unruly Heroes to Create PS4 Mayhem on May 28

Earlier this year, Magic Design Studios released Unruly Heroes, their stylish action-platformer take on Journey to the West. It was a notable hit with us (and several others, as seen below), but one platform sadly couldn’t join in on the fun. There was no PS4 version of the game at the time, but that’s about to change. Unruly Heroes now has a release date for the PS4 set, meaning that PlayStation fans can finally rejoice.

Not only will the PS4 finally be getting Unruly Heroes, but they’ll also get first crack at its Challenge Update. The update will add two new difficulty modes, new character skins, a photo mode (which the trailer proudly shows off), and various gameplay tweaks. This will be available for the PS4 port at launch, then head to the other platforms at a later date. Unruly Heroes will arrive for the PS4 on May 28, so don’t miss out on a chance to rediscover it.