Details on Multiplayer Improvements Revealed for MotoGP 19

MotoGP 19 will be receiving some necessary improvements for its multiplayer. Milestone revealed some of these improvements with the major one involving the introduction of dedicated servers. Players can now host races thanks to Amazon Gamelift. Michele Caletti, Producer at Milestone, commented “Racing games are incredibly demanding in terms of bandwidth and ping time to recreate a believable action on track. To manage a MotoGP bike moving at 300km/h, you need absolute precision on collisions, and a precise reproduction of the opponents’ moves. Thanks to GameLift, ping times are not only lower, but much more consistent. Bandwidth from the server is virtually removed as an issue, and every player has the same data movement. And the on-track feeling is now incredible!”.

Milestone also announced that MotoGP 19 will include public and private lobbies and a Race Director mode. Race Director enables players to manage every feature during online competition. Race Director can set race sessions and decide weather conditions on track. During the race he can assign penalties for riders’ irregular behaviors, just like in a real MotoGP race.  Thanks to the TV Director mode, players can also manage cameras and overlays, to capture the most breathtaking actions to be included in livestreams. These were all major features requested from the player base of the game. MotoGP 19 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 6 and Nintendo Switch on June 27. The Switch version of the game does not include online multiplayer. Watch the new trailer below.