Screenshot Saturday Featuring Zealot, SkateBIRD, Many More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday. That magical time each weekend where several people take to Twitter and the like with the #screenshotsaturday tag, showing of their latest projects via videos, GIFs, or occasionally, actual screenshots. As seen below, certain developers have mastered Screenshot Saturday by now, able to hook us in repeatedly with a steady flow of impressive updates. Others are hidden gems, some are newcomers, some are notable games trying the tag out for the first time, and some you never notice until they share something jaw-dropping. Whatever the case, it always results in an impressive batch of games to look at, and this week is not exception. So without further ado…

Bloodroots- Continuing with the glimpses into how various effects enhance the atmosphere of Paper Cult’s upcoming action game, we see our protagonist moving as a swift silhouette, striking a trio of enemies in quick succession while a flash of lightning highlights crimson streaks on him…all before he picks up a skewer of fish to use as his next weapon. Again, showcasing a clever mix of intensity and insanity.

Zealot- Typically, most people wouldn’t be rooting for the average religious zealot in a video game, let alone one where said zealot is the protagonist. But this action-adventure game about a fallen priest from a now-ruined Orthodox colony out to stop Slavic-inspired Pagan beasts looks quite incredible so far. Even this quick bit of combat here shows a ton of promise, so here’s hoping for the best.

DOOMBLADE- Call me a bit slow, but until now, I was honestly so dazzled by everything else in this metroidvania game that I never really paid much attention to how every single jump or dash in it involves a spinning attack. It had just somehow become a simple bit of gameplay you may take for granted, I suppose. But seeing it here as you take out an enemy serves to nicely highlight how awesome mere movement here is.

Resolutiion- This is a game that’s popped up several times during Screenshot Saturday so far, but usually the focus is on the graphics, atmosphere, and the world you’re exploring. But now Monolith of Minds is showing off some the major bosses and focusing on combat, and this is indeed a pretty impressive early boss design. Can’t wait to see how they challenge you and what their story is.

Firegirl- Normally, I’d complain about the internet ruining everything, but at least their childish minds led to a better hose animation that really emphasizes the power behind these blasts of water in this firefighting platformer. Gotta love the enemy designs, reflections, and animation on everything else as well.

SkateBIRD- Look, it was already awesome enough that we now have a game coming soon where you get to play as a skateboarding bird, but now it’s topped off with said skating bird being able to launch themselves at speeds so ludicrous that they can actually get hang time this impressive. I don’t know if its a bug or not, but I am fully in favor of keeping something this awesome in.

The Wild at Heart- So I see we’re now taking a tour of this Pikmin-inspired game’s surreal worlds, as we’ve seen before. Now we’re in chasm territory, where everything seems to be the perfect blend of dark and bright and where our little monster friends seem to be blended with the likes of rocks and magma. Indeed, it’s certainly shaping up to be one magical world. And hey, they still have television here as well!

Blood and Goods- I would argue that a roguelike dungeon crawler where your life and your currency are one and the same is a unique enough concept that stands on its own, and doesn’t need too much visual flair. But still, even if one may wonder just how many time the camera will actually be moving around (echoing a bit of the rat’s sentiment), that is some mighty nice parallax scrolling indeed.

Greak- Ah, nothing says “metroidvania game” like using new skills to access new areas you passed by before. Gotta say, though, those ghouls seemed to pack more punch than the actual explosion that capped off this clip. But any peek into some impressive action for this promising game is definitely worth it as well.

Extinction Protocol- Question: If all you have is an unarmed construction drone that you control in order to gather materials for weaponry that allows you to fund off a machine invasion that includes the likes of tanks, what material do you gather? Answer: The tools that allow you build a Tesla coil. That is ALWAYS the correct answer, so congrats to these devs and what looks like cool combat in a promising title so far.

Exception- Well, this is actually our second game this week featuring 2D action where you can defeat enemies for spinning through the air, so I’m guessing that lawsuit against ’80s-era Nintendo is going to get more complicated. But in all seriousness, this neon-soaked action-platformer set in computer where you try to stop viruses still looks quite incredible, so keep the mayhem coming!

Scarf- Because if you make a 3D platformer where your main character’s abilities come courtesy of a transforming scarf, damn straight you’re going to include a glide function that allows you to show off as much of your world in as grandiose a fashion as possible. And true enough, these are some stylish desert ruins that we can’t wait to explore.