MMORPG Caravan Stories Heads to North America for PlayStation 4 Open Beta

Aiming today announced a launch date for the anime-inspired Caravan Stories’ open beta.

The free-to-play MMORPG will be coming to North America for PlayStation 4 owners on July 16. Following on from the open beta, the title will fully launch on July 23.

Players are able to choose from four playable races, with another unlocked the further that players progress and the developer has confirmed another will be added after the title is released.

Caravan Stories has players exploring the world of Iyarr where they are able to complete different tasks, from exploring dungeons to participating in open-world raids.

Aiming has announced that the title will also be appearing at RTX in Austin, Texas, which runs from July 5 to July 7 at the Austin Convention Center.

“Bringing Caravan Stories to PlayStation 4 in North America will mark the beginning of many new stories,” says Masahiko Takeuchi, the director of Caravan Stories.

“We can’t wait to hand the ink quill to our players and witness the tales they will write. The feedback, passion and experiences of new adventurers will help us make and improve Caravan Stories for years to come.

“We are honored to welcome you to Iyarr.”