A Big Sword and Hard Choices in Mable and the Wood Reveal Trailer

The problem with a sword is that it’s a good sized chunk of metal.  Cloud’s ridiculous weapon is estimated to weigh eighty pounds, for example, meaning that his wrist would snap instantly on attempting his victory sword-spin.  On the plus side he’s at least got the muscle to lift it, unlike the heroine of Mable and the Wood.  Without the benefit of the usual videogame logic Mable can only drag her massive blade behind her, but its magic is far more useful than just thwacking an enemy in the face.  The sword lets her briefly turn into a fairy, leaving it stuck in the ground where she transformed, and then changing back to human pulls the sword to her hand directly through anything in its path.  Not only that but defeated bosses grant Mable transformation abilities, letting her get around the world in new ways such as swinging from a spider’s web or digging underground.  The only problem is, as one villager asks, “If you’re supposed to be saving the world, why are you killing everything?”  So while fighting monsters is always entertaining there’s no need to kill a single enemy to complete the quest, if you can only figure out the way through.

Mable and the Wood is a 2D pixel-art metroidvania adventure coming out this summer on Switch, Xbox One, and PC.  Take a look at the launch trailer below while thinking about the hard decisions necessary to save a world without becoming its worst genocidal nightmare.