Afterparty Available For Pre-Order at Massive Discount

In most games, it’s all over once one’s character dies. In Night School  Studios Afterparty however, death is what kicks the party into gear. Players will have to stumble their way through the story as Milo and Lola, two longtime best friends who just so happened to end up in hell after what they assume is a particularly wild night of partying.

The two aren’t about to take this turn of events lying down though, and they resolve to get back to earth using hell’s one and only escape clause: defeat the devil in a drinking contest. It’s up to the player to decide how everything goes down after that, and one has a lot more control than most other games allow. Check out our Afterparty preview for all the details.

Afterparty still doesn’t have a release date, but Night School Studios recently announced that eager fans can now pre-order the game on the Epic Games Store. What’s more, they can take advantage of the Epic Games Store Megasale going on right now and pre-purchase the game at a fifty percent discount. The game’s shaping up to be a very unique experience if nothing else, so this might just be a deal worth looking into.

Afterparty will eventually launch for the PC in 2019. No release date has been announced at this time.