Cel-Shaded Visual Novel Necrobarista Launching This August for PC

We’ve had our eye on Route 59’s gorgeous-looking, cel-shaded, caffeine-induced visual novel/adventure title, Necrobarista, for some time. And at long last, the Melbourne-based studio have confirmed a release date. The game will be available first on PC this coming August — August 8 to be exact. The announcement was not without some slight disappointment to those eager to play the game on consoles however; the studio stating that both PS4 and Switch versions have been pushed back to sometime in 2020.

Taking place within a supernatural cafe referred to as The Terminal, Necrobarista centers around an eclectic bunch of characters — both living and those long-gone from the mortal world, whom decide to stop by for one last day on Earth. As far as presentation goes however, Necrobarista sports a unique and attractive aesthetic with its multi-colored speech bubbles and cel-shaded art-style — all of which complimented by a 3D render of the environments with which the narrative leads players through. Check out the game’s latest trailer to get a taster of the visual presentation on show and be sure to look out for this rather paranormal and rather intriguing title in the coming months.