Quantic Dream Trilogy Get Release Dates for PC

Earlier this year in March, French developer Quantic Dream announced that they would be bringing three of their past five games to PC, or the Epic Games Store to be precise: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and last year’s Detroit: Become Human. Now, all three games have a release date for the platform and it seems that Quantic Dream have decided in sticking to the natural chronological order with which the game’s originally launched across PS3 and PS4 respectively.

As such, Heavy Rain will be available starting June 24; Beyond follows thereafter the following month releasing July 22 with Detroit releasing this fall. What’s more, all three games will get a demo for players new to the studio’s past work, to try out. All three demo’s will be available May 24, June 27 and sometime later this summer for Heavy Rain, Beyond and Detroit respectively. All three games remain tied to Epic Games Store however, with no word on a potential release across other distribution platforms.