Generation 2 of Pokémon Receiving Sitting Cuties Line of Plush Toys

Last year we saw the reveal and initial release of the Sitting Cuties line for Pokémon, which included the entire first generation of the series. Now we’ve gotten our first look at Generation 2 and the continuation of the plush line of toys. This wave features all 100 of Johto’s Pokemon, including every single letter for Unown so fans can gather the alphabet or just their favorite letters. Right now the release date in Japan is set for June 8 in Pokémon Centers, but as we saw their release in the west it’s likely we will see them either later this year or in 2020. This also seems to suggest that we may continue to see these plush lines cover all the current generations, so hopefully players can look forward to picking up their favorites.

Check out a teaser image of all the Johto Pokémon for the Sitting Cuties line below: