Multiplayer Mayhem Meets Apartment Renovation in Tools Up

If the success of the Overcooked games has taught us anything, it’s that there is a surprisingly notable market for wacky co-op games revolving around performing everyday jobs. After all, we already have games like Embr and Moving Out in the pipeline, and now we have another contender. From All in! Games and developers The Knight of Unity, it’s Tools Up. Renovating apartments is the central objective of this latest co-op title, and as seen below, things get chaotic quickly.

So Tools Up involves four players having to fix up apartments in a mysterious skyscraper in a set amount of time, all according to specifications left on the blueprints. Naturally, though, that time limit means having to work together to meet a deadline. This means collaborating in order to tear something down, build something up, or get equipment to others quickly. And just to add an extra bit of mayhem, only the player holding the blueprints can change the camera angles. Tools Up is set to come out later this year for all major platforms, and could be one for multiplayer fans to check out.