Pathologic 2 Receives Gameplay Overview Trailer

Just last week, we were treated to a new trailer for Pathologic 2 alongside news that it was now available for pre-order. However, said trailer was more about establishing a mood, not showcasing any gameplay. So now, allow tinyBuild to rectify this issue with another new trailer acting as a gameplay overview. You can check it out below, and yes, things are as creepy and theatrical as ever.

Needless to say, things aren’t pretty in this plague-infested hometown that our main doctor character has returned to. Now they have to survive twelve days in it while doing whatever they can to help. The largest emphasis the video makes is on how much your actions will affect everything, from how you obtain resources to the people you save and the story events you might miss. And with a randomized town each time, it may take a few playthroughs to get the full picture. Pathologic 2 comes out on May 23 for the PC, so be prepared.