Sony, Microsoft Announce Joint-Cloud Gaming Partnership

Sony Corporation and Microsoft Corporation announced that the two companies are partnering for new innovations for cloud gaming and AI solutions.

Sony and Microsoft have long been rivals in the gaming industry, but it appears they’re ready to set it aside. Both companies announce that they’re working together in some capacity. They’ve agreed to explore joint development of future cloud solution in Microsoft Azure to support their game streaming services. Furthermore, they’ll explore the use of current Azure solutions for Sony’s services (i.e. PS Now).

In terms of AI, both companies intend to collaborate to potentially develop new intelligent image sensors. Sony currently has some of the best image sensors in the world, and by combining them with Azure’s AI technology, the duo could develop some impressive AI experiences.

Now, this partnership is extremely new, and it doesn’t mean it’ll lead to PS Now or xCloud on competing platforms. The statement doesn’t make it fully clear how this partnership will impact PlayStation and Xbox. It’s possible that the partnership won’t lead to much, or maybe it’s as simple as getting PS Now running on Azure. In short, it’s all a guessing game right now, but we’ll let you know should either company make additional announcements.