Screenshot Saturday Featuring Spleen, John Wick Hex, Many More

Hello, and welcome to those who popped in here to check out yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! As usual, we’ve gathered up an assortment of impressive games that have used the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to provide a little shout  that alerts everyone to the little bits and/or updates from games that they’re currently working on. It’s a tricky job at time, but somebody’s got to do it. And so without further ado, let’s get right to the show…

Unbound: Worlds Apart- We’ll lead off with Unbound, an atmospheric platformer based around manipulating dimensions, crafting bubbles into new realities that can allow you to escape or be granted new abilities in order to solve various puzzles. It’s some incredibly gorgeous, promising stuff, and you chip in towards their Kickstarter campaign, which is roughly two thirds of the way there. But as you can see, the devs also used this time to encourage the promotion of other gaming projects on Kickstarter right now, leading us to…

Spleen- …Another ridiculously gorgeous 2D platformer! Except what we have here is an action RPG game about an adult battling real-life problems through the world that his inner child resides in, alternating between both worlds and their Persona-style social choices/Vanillaware-style combat. It certain is extremely striking and eye-catching, yet is less than forty percent of the way to its Kickstarter campiagn’s goal. So what say we remedy that?

John Wick Hex- Well, given the prominent entertainment choices this weekend, we couldn’t NOT include this game. One could argue that John Wick plus Mike Bithell is an equation that doesn’t need any extra promotion, but given how fun everything looks so far and the unique strategy take on the franchise (and certain elephants in the room that may overshadow the game itself), it certainly deserves to be highlighted here as well.

John Wick- Of course, if you want something more traditional, there’s always this NES-style John Wick platformer from Joymasher, the folks behind Onkien and the upcoming Blazing Chrome, and shows just how many other gaming genres the franchise is suited for. The only downside? This is just a tech demo and the game doesn’t really exist…yet. So consider it a bonus this week!

Dwerve- Other tower defense games have shown us that orcs really need to die, sure. But what about trolls? Those bastards deserve want’s coming to them just as much as well. And there’s no better tool for taking care of them like flamethrowers, so here’s hoping you pick some up during this promising hybrid’s dungeon-crawling portions.

Chrono Sword- This certainly is some gorgeous isometric action with a ton of cool details and extra effort put into everything, no doubt about that. But seeing “crunch” there worries me a bit, given the recent horror stories from the gaming industry. Amazing stuff so far, but make sure not to stress out over things and take your time. We’ll understand, especially since it still looks like you’re doing everything you can to make this a great adventure.

Nom Nom Apocalypse- So is Mr. Clucky a regular person wearing some sort of fast food mascot outfit, or an actual anthropomorphic chicken of some kind? Because if it’s the latter, seeing them battle other mutated meat products feels…weird somehow. But whichever one it is, it still looks like they’re the star of some incredible twin-stick action, so I won’t complain.

Void Bastards- I have no idea how the science behind this gun could really work, but in an FPS game like this where you scavenge from various abandoned, futuristic space stations and battle the enemies within, it’s more than likely to come in handy. And it just looks damn fun to screw around with, so sign me up to test it out!

Shot One- Our list of notable upcoming indie games includes an arcade-style frisbee sports game and a game where you control a cat in a mech suit. But an arcade-style frisbee sports game where you control a cat in a mech suit? Just take all of my money right now, dammit.

Ada- Ah, luring monsters into traps. Definitely a sign of some amazing level design with a lot of stuff that can happen in it. Said stuff, by the way, includes shadow creatures and ridiculously huge arrows at least twice your size. It looks quite challenging, but also still looks like one fun top-down action game.

Weaving Tides- The developers behind this game about riding around on dragons in order to stitch together a unique fantasy world were quite busy this weekend, crafting several tweets highlighting the game’s various mechanics. There are too many to go into right here, of course, but it goes without saying that you click on that tweet and check out everything included. Definitely some beautiful, inviting stuff.

Out of Place- The classic and impressive-looking tale of a teenager, their mechanical orb friend, a journey through a strange land in order to activate a mysterious machine…and the hurt that they’ll bring down upon anything that stands in their way. But most of what stands in their way is manifestations of our protagonist’s fears, so it’s fine!

They Came From the Sky- And finally, let us end on a piece showcasing some more simple yet fun classic arcade action, a throwback to the days of battling aliens on a single screen…or playing as the aliens, in this case. And abducting those humans sure becomes easier when you turn them into animal critters, boy howdy.