Call of Duty 2020 is Reportedly in Trouble, Treyarch to Take Over Development

Call of Duty 2020 is potentially in trouble, and Activision appears to have turned to Treyarch to clean up the mess.

Call of Duty has been on a three-year schedule since 2014s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward would juggle development cycles, and they’ve followed through each year since. However, if a new report is to be believed, that’s all about to change. Over the weekend, reliable insider Jason Schreier dropped a bombshell report. Call of Duty 2020 is in trouble, and Treyarch is coming in to save the day.

According to Schreier, Call of Duty 2020 was going to be a shakeup for the franchise. Raven Software, a support studio, was to take the reins of development with Sledgehammer supporting development. The game would take place during the Cold War, and that setting will likely be used in Treyarch’s game. So, what happened? Apparently, tensions between Raven and Sledgehammer grew rapidly, resulting in little productivity.

To solve the problem, Activision is tasking Treyarch with completing the 2020 game, which will apparently be Call of Duty: Black Ops 5. Sledgehammer and Raven will serve as support studios on the project. Completed work will be reworked into Black Ops 5’s campaign. With a 2020 release date set, Black Ops 5 could very well be a cross-gen title, launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Obviously, take the report with a grain of salt. Schreier has an impeccable record, but things could always change this early in the cycle. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the announcement of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty, which is likely Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. We’ll let you know should Activision make any announcements regarding the Call of Duty franchise.