Review: Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse

Logitech has been on a tear of late in terms of upgrading popular mice with new technology. The company has nailed down its wireless capabilities to the point that no professional gamer or advanced gamer needs to worry about any latency issues. Couple that with the HERO 16K sensor for ultra-precise accuracy and it makes sense to take popular mice from the past and upgrade them with these standards. While the G502 isn’t that old, the mouse has lacked compatibility with Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY technologies. This all changes now with the Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse. Gamers now have the opportunity to take one of the best gaming mice on the market and experience modern advances.

Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY technologies allow gamers to completely eliminate cables. LIGHTSPEED is engineered for zero latency in gaming all while the POWERPLAY technology allows the wireless mice to recharge while being used thanks to the mouse pad. The G502 now has these options available along with a new chassis that has been built from the ground up. Nothing about the design has changed with the G502 LIGHTSPEED, just what’s under the hood.

Taking cues from the Logitech G PRO Gaming Mouse, new thin walls were implemented that can support the housing of the HERO 16K sensor. This mouse is a bit lighter and also comes with interchangeable weights if players are looking for a different feel. The scroll mouse did get an update as gamers can use a hyper-fast setting or hit a button to implement a precision mode. This is a nice touch as the preference can vary from game to game.

The G502 is the most aggressive looking mouse that Logitech offers. It features the most options for gamers as it includes eleven programmable buttons. These can all be set in the Logitech G Hub software as other profiles can be downloaded and shared as well. The exterior of the mouse features the Logitech G logo with RGB options and players will also be able to view light indicators for their DPI settings and battery level. It’s not an abundant amount of RGB, but when mixing the G502 LIGHTSPEED with the POWERPLAY mouse pad, it accents each other well.

The palm of your hand will rest across matte plastic as the left and right click mouse buttons feature a smoother texture. The right-click mouse button extends somewhat further then the left as both buttons cut at about a 45-degree angle towards the top to help support that aggressive look. Even flipping the mouse upside down reveals what looks to be a mask of some Imperial Guard.

For the thumb, players have a groove where it sits that is comprised of rubber. This also goes for the opposite exterior of the G502 LIGHTSPEED as well. As for the eleven programmable buttons, this is a bit misleading. This includes the dual-action of the scroll wheel. The placement of two of the buttons is a bit awkward as they run alongside the left mouse button. The other three will sit in proximity of the gamer’s thumb. This mouse also has the DPI-Shift button mapped as default for precision moments. If someone is new to this mouse, it may come off as a bit overwhelming as to its capabilities.

In terms of performance, the G502 LIGHTSPEED allows for five DPI settings to be saved ranging from 400-16000 thanks to the HERO 16K Sensor that Logitech offers. Playing The Division 2, Far Cry 5 and Diablo 3 allowed for some variety to test the precision and the scroll wheel of the unit. Fans of the previous mouse will see improved freedom and more ease of use than the previous version thanks to the HERO 16K Sensor.

Closing Comments:

Logitech continues to successfully implement previous designs with modern cutting-edge technology. Each new version of its gaming mice line that gets implemented with recent technology opens the door for another design to be re-engineered so that eventually your favorite mouse design will be competitive by today’s standards if not above the rest. The G502 LIGHTSPEED is the true gamer’s mouse that sits at the general price point of $150 that competitive gaming peripherals do. The G502 LIGHTSPEED sets out to accomplish performance and comfort and it does just that.