Ridiculously Remarkable Roguelike RAD Readies Release Date

As seen in our preview last month, Double Fine’s latest game RAD is shaping up to be an incredible roguelike game. The top-down ’80s post-apocalyptic action looks superb, and plays just as well. With Bandai Namco publishing it, RAD also has some notable support behind it, making us anticipate it even further. And now with an August release date revealed for the game, we only have a few months of anticipation left.

To celebrate the news, a fan art contest was also announced. The objective? Submit a graffiti design that you think best represents the game. The development team will check out all of the entries, and the winner gets to have their design immortalized in the game itself. Them and two other winners will receive a prize package including a skateboard, action figures, lunch boxes, and floppy disks. Oh, and a digital copy of the game, of course. More details can be found at the contest’s official site. RAD will hit all major platforms on August 20, and should provide a true apocalyptic ’80s thrill ride.