Vectronom Drops the Bass May 29

Arte Studio’s newest project, Vectronom, finally has a release date. Once May 29 rolls around, players will be able to take on the task of keeping the beat while simultaneously crossing an ever-changing path. It’s a dance-or-die sort of game, where falling off-rhythm and falling off the stage are basically the same thing.

Vectronom looks like a pure rhythm game at first, but there may be a puzzle element here as well. The stages shown thus far all feature patterns and obstacles that players must account for while traversing them. They don’t look like mazes, but its probably not as simple as just memorizing the beat. Also, Vectronom will support unusual input devices like dance pads or MIDI instruments right at launch, so it’s likely that Arte Studios as imbued a bit more depth to the game than is immediately apparent.

Vectronom launches for PC and Nintendo Switch on May 29.