Review: Logitech G935 Wireless LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

Logitech is now offering its highest performing headset to date with the G935 Wireless LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset. The team has instituted its best technology with a focus on low level audio to deliver stunning audio that includes 7.1 Surround Sound and DTS Headphone X: 2.0. For $169.99, is the G935 the best headset on the market? It has all the perks on paper. Not to mention, the G935 is miles ahead of anything else Logitech has offered for a gaming headset. It isn’t without a few faults, however, and the price tag may scare a few people away.

The biggest attraction with the Logitech G935 is the fact that its wireless. The battery lasts up to twelve hours or can handle eight hours with default lighting. Yes, the unit includes RGB that can be customized in the Logitech G Hub as the lighting surrounds the ear cups in a single dotted line design. Aesthetically, the Logitech G35 is the best-looking headset on the market. It features a power switch and volume dial that actually provides audio feedback for each level that is changed. Add to this three customizable ‘G’ buttons that can be used to launch applications and that becomes a difference maker. It’s a nice addition for quick access to things that haven’t been implemented elsewhere on the market.

Overall, the headset is comfortable but fits more snug than the competition. The leatherette ear cups will completely cover the ears while the headband features the same composite as it sits nicely across the scalp. The exterior of the headband is comprised of a matte plastic while the endings are smooth and glossy where the headband connects. The G935 does feature matte plastic removable covers on each ear and I have had these fall out once or twice. One side stores the battery while the other stores the wireless adapter. Hopefully Logitech will look into custom covers for the headset so players can truly personal their experience.

Logitech has supplied the G935 with its most advanced audio technology. It includes Pro-G 50mm drivers that delivers a theater-like experience all in the headset. It seriously sounds like you’re in a movie theater. Acoustics are crisp and with the focus being on low-level audio rather than bass, it captures a sound unlike any other on the market. The 50mm drivers allow for more detail and clarity thanks to the mesh makeup of the design. Using the surround sound options with games like The Division 2 and Layers of Fear 2 provided a distinct difference in footsteps and other effects. The clarity is certainly there.

While wearing the G935 offers a different type of comfort, ear fatigue does settle in within two hours. This may depend on how high your audio is, but it was more noticeable than some of the competition. While the acoustics and clarity are great, the ear fatigue is not. What does stand out is how Logitech implemented the microphone. There are no connections or extensions, the microphone simply folds out. It’s short and picks up audio extremely well with excellent voice clarity to back it up. It will also self-mute when not in use, which is an underrated addition. There is a mute button for the mic, but simply folding the mic up is much easier.

The implementation of RGB is a nice touch and the fact that the battery will last eight hours with default lighting is a plus. Thing is, the RGB will go unnoticed while the player plays. It is a nice touch to complete a gaming setup and it is LIGHTSYNC compatible. RGB is all the rage but it has minimal implementation with only the single dotted line and the logo being lit.

While the G935 is compatible with PC wirelessly, it can be used for consoles with the auxiliary cable. The perks of this would include the general audio from the consoles and the comfort, but the wireless option and surround sound options will be gone. There are more affordable options if only looking to use the headset for consoles.

Closing Comments:

Logitech came in swinging for the fences with the G935 Gaming Headset. It offers everything a hardcore PC gamer or streamer is looking for in terms of technology. The comfort is a snug but soft fit, but ear fatigue will set in if the audio is too high. The headset includes RGB and while the battery will last eight hours using default lighting, there isn’t a huge implementation of RGB and you won’t even really notice it when you’re wearing the headset. The audio sounds like its pulled straight from a movie theater with 3D directional sound being distinct. $169 is a lot to ask for a headset, but Logitech did its best to make sure the options are not lacking with the G935.