Hell is Other Demons Now Available On Steam

Earlier this year, Kongregate and developers Cuddle Monster Games teamed up to announce Hell is Other Demons, an arcade-style action game that could best be described as a hybrid of Joust and bullet hell. It wowed us back at GDC, where we could see it providing hours of fast-paced enjoyment. It then saw a release in April for the Switch and PC, but on the latter it was a timed exclusive for Kongregate’s gaming platform, Kartridge. But that time is up, and now Steam players are able to enjoy the game’s mayhem as well.

The setup is a simple one: You’re in Hell, you’re a demon, you have to kill other demons. The gameplay is also simple, but as seen in the launch trailer below, things get chaotic rather quickly. Players will earn several various weapons and upgrades as they progress, which as also seen, pack quite the enjoyable punch. Top it all off with a killer synthwave soundtrack from RĂ©mi Gallego, and you have one of this year’s hits. Hell is Other Demons is now available for Steam, Kartridge, and Switch, and should not be missed.