New Set of Overwatch Ultimates Figures Available for Pre-order

Overwatch is still going strong as the popular online title celebrates its latest anniversary. With that comes an announcement from Hasbro featuring new figures from the Ultimates line. We were introduced to the first ones a couple of months ago but let’s see what else is coming.

This new addition to the line features Genji, Pharrah, Zarya and D.Va figures coming as a pack of four. They are all modeled to have carbon skins for a very sleek design. Even accessories are included to make for realistic portrayals. They can all be posed to create action-packed scenes wherever you display them.

The Carbon set is currently available for pre-order on GameStop’s website. It lists them as being released on August 25, so about three months from now! Check out the breakdown video on each of the figures below for more details.