Oninaki Showcases Daemons in New Trailer

A few months ago, Square Enix and developers Tokyo RPG Factory unveiled their latest game, Oninaki. It’s an action RPG revolving around escorting spirits known as Lost Souls through a mysterious realm so that they can be move on to the next world, lest they turn into monsters. Certain spirits that can’t be reincarnated at all, though, become Daemons. These are special Lost Souls that you can team up with, and are the highlight of the game’s latest trailer.

As seen below, Daemons will be able to assist in battle by providing different movesets. Be it spears, scythes, axes, or guns (or “shotbolts” here), each can change up the way you attack and defend. For example, axes may be slow yet powerful and provide a huge shield, while shotbolts are quick long distance attacks that spring you away from enemies instead. Players will be able to switch between Daemons on the fly, though, so experimentation is encouraged. Oninaki comes out this Summer for Switch, PC, and PS4, and should be an action-packed romp to look out for.